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System Components

The documents below are the most up to date versions.  To learn more about Alliance Brick® how it works, how to install our product or just to order more promotional materials just click and download the documents below.  If you have further questions regarding installation or literature please contact us.


Alliance Bricks

Alliance Bricks are dual-sided, giving you the option of a split faced or a smooth wall.  Available in six attractive colors, Alliance Bricks are made with proven, high density concrete.

Alliance Brick® Corners

Alliance Brick® corners are pre-cut and packaged in pairs, one right and left corner in smooth or split face

Alliance Brick® Sill Block

Alliance Brick® Sill Block completes your project.  Designed with a sloping top to assist with water runoff, the block's stone cut edge gives your project the finished look it deserves!

Alliance Brick® Starter Ledge

The Alliance Brick® Starter Ledge is a predrilled 3" steel angle iron.  It is designed to hold your Alliance Brick® wall and helps to ensure a level base.

Alliance Brick® Tie

Strong metal ties and interlocking Bricks are the key to the system.  Together, they make your wall strong and easy to build. 

Super-Stik Adhesive

Professionals depend on Super-Stik adhesive for its superior strength, time-tested performance and versatility.  Super-Stik is the ideal solution for Segmental Retaining Walls, Pavers, and Masonry.  You can even apply it when damp!  Super-Stik is specially formulated for superior strength and stability, extreme temperatures, and a waterproof bond.